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Fire Safe butterfly valves has arrived. Your enquiries are welcome.

JYTT Products Catalogue

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Brand : JYV/BD


Marine Valves of Cast Steel, Stainless Steel and Bronze material for ship building and ship repair.






Full range of cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel valves (i.e. Gate, Globe, Swing, Check and ball valves etc..) conform to ANSI and DNI standard.




Brand: CONTI


Complete line of Bronze engineering valves, Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Plug and Test Gauges, Screw end and Flange End connection.




Brand: SVC


Compact wafer design and light weight Duo Plate check valve in Retainless type, Rubberline, Lug and Double Flange patterns.




Brand: MEI


Cast steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze Wafer Swing check valve of PN10, PN16, 150# for Marine, Offshore, Petrochemical industry and Industrial Piping System.




Brand: ST, DK


Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Cast Steel butterfly valves with Wafer, Lug and double flange body design. Connection includes Lock lever, Gear Operated, Pneumatic and Electric actuator.




Brand: ST


High Performance Eccentric butterfly valves with Class 150 & Class 300, wafer or Lug type to match 10K,PN10,PN16, 150#, 16K, PN25 & PN40 are available.




Brand: HW


Knife Gate valves are designed to handle the process industries Ash, Pulp & Paper, Power Utility, Oil & Gas Production as well as Chemical Refining. It has a Lug face to face & Raised face to face body design. Available seats are metal & Resilient seat especially EPDM, Poly-amide, Teflon, Silicon etc..




Brand: Toho


Bronze industrial Gate, Globe, Swing, check and ball valves, Screw End Connection.




Brand: Dembla


Control valves like 3way globe valve, butterfly valves and ball valves.



Besides the above, other related products like Strainer, Steam Trap, AirVent and etc. Please drop us your queries and feedback HERE.